5 Popular Tourist Destinations to Stay Away From

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Written by Riley Jones posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

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BC has numerous popular tourist destinations when it comes to golf, but do they all deserve the business? Whether through excellent marketing, one unique hole or something entirely different, the following five popular tourist golf courses do not deserve the reputation they hold.

5. Bear Mountain Golf Resort (Mountain Course) – Victoria, BC

Bear-Mountain-Golf-Resort-(Mountain-Course)Bear Mountain is the most popular golf resort on Vancouver Island, and one of the most popular in the Province, and for good reason; it is a beautiful course. The Mountain Course at Bear Mountain is offers spectacular views, immaculate condition and good pace of play. I would highly recommend this course, but only if you know what you’re doing. Whether the blind shots, the steep elevation or the overabundance of areas to lose a ball, the Mountain Course is a nightmare for a beginner golfer.

4. Tobiano Golf Course – Kamloops, BC

Tobiano-Golf-CourseMuch like the Mountain Course at Bear Mountain, Tobiano Golf Course is a great course, but it’s very difficult. At a back length of 7,367yds, Tobiano is best designed for the expert golfer. Sure, everyone would love to play what was named the number one public golf course in BC, but is it worth the $130 per round if you’re not skilled enough to enjoy it?

3. Chateau Whistler Golf Course – Whistler, BC

Chateau-Whistler-Golf-ClubChateau Whistler Golf Course is a tough one. It is often in excellent condition with fantastic service at the resort, but it doesn’t offer much more than that. At $175 per round in the peak season, Chateau Whistler is the most expensive and most popular golf course in the Whistler area, but it is also the worst. With Whistler Golf Club, Nicklaus North Golf & Country Club and Big Sky Golf Club all just a short drive away, golfers would be better off to endure the drive than waste money on this unrealistic rollercoaster of a golf course.

2. Olympic View Golf Club – Victoria, BC

Olympic-View-Golf-ClubOlympic View is better known as one of the top golf courses in Victoria, and even the Province. The problem? It doesn’t deserve the recognition or reputation. Olympic View is has a unique (borderline ridiculous) design, and not much else. It’s usually in poor condition, it’s expensive, and the pace of play can be downright painful. I would recommend plenty of golf courses in the Victoria area, but Olympic View would not be one of them.

1. Furry Creek Golf & Country Club – Furry Creek, BC

furrycreekgolfFurry Creek is a bit deceptive. If one was to go out and snap a couple pictures of the golf course, it could pass as one of the most incredible courses in the world. It’s not until you play it that you realize the poor condition, slow greens and outrageous design the course has. It’s an interesting trek to play once or twice as long as your expectations are in check, but I wouldn’t recommend making a routine of it.