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Written by Riley Jones posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

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British Columbia has plenty of public golf courses to satisfy the average golfer. But if any of you avid golfers are anything like myself, you’ll want to conquer as many courses as you can. When it comes to private golf clubs, this is not so easy. The following are five private courses in BC that every golfer should try to play. Whether springing for a membership of your own or simply befriending an existing member, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to experience these exclusive pieces of history.

5. Uplands Golf Club – Victoria, BC

uplandsgolfUplands Golf Club, established in 1922, is creatively carved throughout a limited piece of land in Oak Bay, Victoria. It is a relatively short and very narrow design, with some of the best conditioning in the province.

Visitor rates are $125, while a full membership can set you back $205 on top of the $18,000 entrance fee.

4. Royal Colwood Golf Club – Victoria, BC

royalcolwoodRoyal Colwood Golf Club is one of the most traditional and history enriched clubs in the country. Designed exactly 100 years ago and almost unchanged since, this highly renowned golf club provides a snapshot from the early 20th century.

Similar to Uplands, a full membership at Royal Colwood currently costs $17,812.50, with monthly dues of $279.70. The non-member rate is $165 per round and $70 if accompanied by a member.

3. Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club – Vancouver, BC

Shaughnessy-Golf-&-Country-ClubShaughnessy G&CC is a prestigious golf club located in beautiful Vancouver. The original Shaughnessy Heights Golf Course was built in 1911, but was re-designed and moved when it became the Golf & Country Club in 1960.

This exquisite golf course has been host to numerous professional tournaments, with the most recent being the RBC Canadian Open on the original course’s 100th anniversary in 2011.

Shaughnessy does not provide membership fees on their website as they are available by invitation only, but the initiation fee is somewhere in the $70,000 range with monthly dues exceeding $300.

2. Victoria Golf Club – Victoria, BC

Victoria-Golf-ClubAs one of the rare oceanfront beauties of BC, Victoria Golf Club was designed in 1893, offering 120 years of rich history. Ranging from a near club failure in 1906 to hosting the great Ben Hogan, to a ghost haunting the course, Victoria Golf Club has an interesting past – and an incredible present.

An active membership currently sits at $35,000, with a $283 monthly fee.

1. Capilano Golf & Country Club – West Vancouver, BC

Capilano-Golf-&-Country-ClubCapilano G&CC was completed in 1939, and has gone essentially unchanged since (both in design and tradition). This well-conditioned golf course is located through the thick forestry and steep terrain at the base of Grouse Mountain in West Vancouver. The course offers incredible scenery, with views of downtown Vancouver and the surrounding ocean, as well as the mountain landscape nearby.

Like Shaughnessy, Capilano doesn’t make their membership fees available to the public, but it has been reported that the initiation fee is approximately $80,000 with an 8-year year wait list for men. It’s a hefty fee, but as the fifth ranked course in Canada by ScoreGolf in 2012, it could be worth-while.