BC Golf Guide: 5 Scenic Courses You Cannot Miss

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Written by Riley Jones posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

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The great thing about golf is that each person can have a love and passion for the game for a different reason than the next. Some may love the constant challenge to improve their skills, while others simply enjoy the course condition, pace of play and price. Some enjoy playing the game socially, while others prefer to be alone. Regardless of what fuels your passion for the game, the following five courses offer incredible scenery that will surely enhance the golf experience and increase your appreciation for the sport.

5. Chateau Whistler Golf Club – Whistler, British Columbia


Chateau Whistler has its problems (such as its wacky design and length) but scenery is not one of them. Whistler is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the Chateau Whistler Golf Club offers a glimpse into that beauty with incredible mountain views. And who knows, maybe if you’re lucky (or unlucky), you’ll run into a bear on the green.

4. Bear Mountain Golf Resort – Victoria, British Columbia


Both of the Bear Mountain golf courses (particularly the Mountain Course) have unique Jack Nicklaus designs with a few sights worth taking a picture; but nothing that really takes your breath away. That is, of course, until you find yourself spending 10 minutes admiring the view from the 13th green overlooking the City of Victoria and the coast of Vancouver Island.

3. Eagle Ranch Golf Resort – Invermere, British Columbia


You’ll find that a great part of BC is mountains and forest, and it’s reflected accordingly on this list. Eagle Ranch, located just 3.5 hours south-west of Calgary, is host to an array of distant views of the mountainous region and the thick, forested valleys in between.

2. Big Sky Golf & Country Club – Pemberton, British Columbia

BigSkyGolfCountry-ClubUsually, to enjoy the mountains in BC, you have to be in the mountains yourself. That isn’t the case with Big Sky G&CC. Here, you can enjoy the flat oasis that is Big Sky while looking up at the treacherous landscape above. You’ll usually catch a rockslide or two while playing, as well (if you don’t see it, you’ll definitely hear it).

1. Furry Creek Golf & Country Club – Furry Creek, British Columbia


Furry Creek G&CC, located on the Sea to Sky highway between Vancouver and Whistler, has some serious design and maintenance flaws. But the idea that you can be up in the mountain hitting your approach shot while admiring the view of Howe Sound, and putting on a beach-side green just a few holes later is pretty special. When you add hitting your first shot off a cliff and possibly seeing a bear or two into the mix, it’s a hard course to overlook.