5 Best Interior Courses for the Low Handicapper

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Written by Riley Jones posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

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There’s a certain type of golf course for every type golfer. For example, high handicappers will perform better on short, slow courses, while low handicappers will excel (or prefer, at least) a long, well-conditioned course and challenging course. The following are the five best interior British Columbia Courses for those low handicap golfers.

5. Eagle Ranch Resort – Invermere, BC

Eagle Ranch Resort is a beautiful, quiet sanctuary located in the vast mountains of British Columbia. With incredible views, and even better course conditioning, this should not be missed. It’s not considerably long, but its slope and fast fairways and greens make up for it. Eagle Ranch is 6,646yds, has a 71.6 rating and a slope of 139.

4. Predator Ridge Resort (Ridge Course) – Vernon, BC

The Ridge Course at Predator Ridge Resort was a welcoming addition to a legendary reputation. Adding to the great views, wonderfully creative holes and world-class maintenance, the Ridge Course has quickly worked its way up the list of Canada’s best. It is an intimidating 7,123yds with a rating of 73.8 and a slope of 133; making this course not only incredible, but quite challenging too.

3. Greywolf Golf Course – Panorama, BC

Greywolf Golf Course, located just minutes from Eagle Ranch Resort, was recognized by Score Golf as the 22nd best course in Canada, and deservedly so. Located In the peaceful yet daunting wilderness of British Columbia, this near-perfect golf course is highly recommended. At 7,140yds with a rating of 74.2 and 144 slope, you’ll have to know what you’re doing to make it out alive.

2. Predator Ridge Resort (Predator Course) – Vernon, BC

I’ve already mentioned the legendary reputation Predator Ridge had before the Ridge Course was introduced, and this is why. The Predator Course is one of the best all-round courses in the country, and probably even the continent. I’ve played a lot of golf courses in BC and the US, and this trek definitely cracks my top three; with an A+ in design, toughness, condition and service. This 7,090yd course has a rating of 74.2 and a slope of 137.

1. Tobiano Golf Course

In 2008, Tobiano Golf Course was recognized as the best new course in Canada. In 2010, it was named the 16th best golf course in the country by Score Golf; in 2012, it was ranked 10th. It’s clear that Tobiano is a world-class experience, and better yet, it seems to be getting better. The course is deserving, but it’s not forgiving. With its reputation, Tobiano will be to stay away from – but with 7,367yds, a 75.3 rating and a 135 slope, you should stay away unless you’re very comfortable and experienced on the golf course.