BC Golf at a Glance: The Province’s 5 Most Well-known Courses

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Written by Riley Jones posted on Sunday, January 27th, 2013

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British Columbia is home to some of the most exquisite golf courses in the world, with courses featured in ads and publications around the world. Whether you’re from BC or visiting from elsewhere, an avid golfer or new to the sport, you’re bound to have heard of the courses featured in this list. Don’t read too much into this, however. BC is filled with world-class golf courses, and just because these are the most well-known does not mean they are the best or most affordable. That said, they are highly recommended.

5. Predator Ridge Golf Resort – Vernon, BC

Predator Ridge Golf Resort offers two incredible courses rolling over the desert-like terrain of Vernon, British Columbia. The resort itself is one of the most peaceful and seemingly secluded places you’ll ever visit, which is likely what draws visitors in from all over the world.
Predator Ridge Golf Resort


4. Tobiano Golf Course – Kamloops, BC

Tobiano is one of the newest golf courses in the province, and already it is highly regarded and recognized all over the world. It was voted the 16th best golf course in Canada in 2011, and 10th in 2012. We can only imagine what kind of achievements it will hold a few years down the road as it becomes more and more established.

3. Victoria Golf Club – Victoria, BC

Victoria Golf Club is a highly prestigious and traditional private courses located in the BC’s capital, Victoria. It is not open to the public. One must be invited by a member or hold a membership at a reciprocal club. Its media placement does not only increases public interest in the course, but entire province; that’s how powerful its beauty really is. You may not get the chance to play this course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sights it has to offer.

2. Chateau Whistler Golf Course – Whistler, BC

Whistler is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and the Chateau Whistler Golf Course is one of Whistler’s most popular summer attractions in Whistler. And with the views and wildlife it offers, it makes sense. The course itself has some design issues, but with images like this, those issues become quite minor.
Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf course-GolfCanadasWest.com


1. Furry Creek Golf & Country Club – Furry Creek, BC

Regardless of whether you’re from, if you’re interested in golf, you’ve seen the photos that come along with Furry Creek’s signature 14th. The course truly is beautiful, and if you ever get the opportunity, I’d recommend you play. That said, keep you expectations in check; the views are incredible, and you’ll probably see wildlife of some sort – but if turf quality and course condition are of high importance to you, you might be disappointed.