Top 5 Vancouver Area Golf Courses For the Low Handicapper

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Written by Riley Jones posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

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There’s a certain type of golf course for every type golfer. For example, high handicappers will perform better on short, slow courses, while low handicappers will excel (or prefer, at least) a long, well-conditioned course and challenging course. The following are the five best Vancouver-area courses for those low handicap golfers.

5. Morgan Creek Golf & Country Club – Surrey, BC

Morgan-Creek-Golf-&-Country-ClubDepending on the weather, Morgan Creek G&CC can be one of my favourite golf courses, or one of my least favourite. If the weather is nice, the fairways are hard, greens roll fast, and the round is undoubtedly enjoyable. If it has recently rained, however, this is not your ideal golf course. Sure, all courses get a little slow in the rain, but Morgan Creek is a different story; complete with fairway puddles and streams through the green. All in all, the course is great – as long as you check the weather forecast before booking the tee-time. Morgan Creek is 6,968yds with a rating of 73.8 and a slope of 136.

4. Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club – Coquitlam, BC

Westwood-Plateau-Golf-&-Country-ClubThe feeling around Westwood Plateau G&CC is quite mixed. On one hand, it has incredible scenery and is well-known as one of Vancouver’s best golf courses – but on the other hand, it is often criticized for its below-par conditioning. Regardless, in my opinion the scenery trumps the condition, making it worthy of No. 4 on this list. The course is 6,770yds, with a slope of 136 and a 71.9 rating.

3. Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club – Richmond, BC

Mayfair-Lakes-Golf-&-Country-ClubMayfair Lakes G&CC is a great golf course located in Richmond, British Columbia. Creative design and excellent conditions make this one of the best courses in the area, while high winds and numerous strategically placed hazards make it one of the most difficult. If you’re up for an enjoyable round and great challenge, Mayfair Lakes is the course for you. The course is 6,641yds with a slope of 124 and a rating of 71.5. Based on those stats, it may not seem like a difficult course, but trust me, it is. Or perhaps you’ll have to find out for yourself.

2. Northview Golf & Country Club (Ridge Course) – Surrey, BC

Northview-Golf-&-Country-ClubridgeThe 36 holes at Northview in Surrey, British Columbia are, in my opinion, the best two public courses on the lower mainland. The Ridge Course is the more hilly and forested of the two, with 6,900yds in length, a slope of 138 and a rating of 73.4.

1. Northview Golf & Country Club (Canal Course) – Surrey, BC

Northview-Golf-&-Country-Club-(Canal-Course)The second course at Northview G&CC is the Canal Course, which stretches across the flat part of the land, riddled with more lakes and ponds than you can count. Unlike the Ridge Course, the Canal is almost completely unforested, which makes for some extremely high winds that only increase the deadliness of the water hazards throughout the course. The course 7,101yd course has a rating of 73.6 and a slope of 138.