Top 5 Golf Resort Courses in Canada

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Written by Riley Jones posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013

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Top 5 Golf Resort Courses in Canada

British Columbia, Canada, has a wide variety of golf courses to offer – from mountain resorts open a few months each year, to waterfront wonders available year round. For those touring this beautiful province on vacation, you know that nothing beats a golf resort. There’s something special about waking up in a five-star hotel on a beautiful sunny day and sipping coffee on the balcony while overlooking the magnificent challenge that awaits you. The following is a list of five golf resorts in BC that can’t be missed. Enjoy.

5. Radium Resort – Radium Hot Springs

radiumresortThe Radium Resort, located just two hours southwest of Banff, Alberta, offers two beautiful golf courses and on-site accommodation. The Springs Course is widely recognized as one of the top courses in BC. In 2011, it was the 12th ranked public golf course in BC, and will host the BC Men’s Amateur Golf Championship in 2013. At 6,767yds from the black tees and 5,163yds from the ladies, the Springs Course welcomes golfers of all levels, giving the mid-high handicapper an advantage.

The Resort Course has not been recognized as a top course like the Springs. That could change however, with the course reporting this past Summer that “Phase 1 of our Master Redevelopment Plan has been completed and is now open for play. The 1st phase consists of three newly constructed golf holes as well as modifications to three existing holes”. As it currently sits, the Resort Course is a par 71, ranging from 5,255-6,071yds – once again, catering to the high handicapper.

Given its interior location, the Radium Resort is closed for a great part of the year. You may want to plan that trip for mid-Summer to capitalize on the beauty of this golf resort.

4. Eagle Ranch Golf Resort – Invermere

eagleranchThe Eagle Ranch Golf Resort is undoubtedly one of the best golf courses in the BC, offering some of the most exquisite shots you could ask for. This par 72 ranges from 5,020-6,646yds, once again making it enjoyable for players of all levels.

The resort offers three different accommodations, with the most popular being the Panorama Mountain Village, located 20km from the course. You may not get that chance to sip coffee while overlooking the course as described, but the amazing scenery and creative design should make up for it.

Much like the Radium Resort, Eagle Ranch is situated in a Summer-only area.

3. Greywolf Golf Course – Panorama

greywolfgolfcourseThe Greywolf Golf Course, located just minutes from the Eagle Ranch Golf Resort and the Panorama Mountain Village, is one of the most beautifully designed yet challenging courses in the country. In 2012, the it was ranked 22nd in Canada by Scoregolf, right in between the highly exclusive and renowned Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club and the Victoria Golf Club.

Ranging from 5,365-7,140yds through mountainous landscape, Greywolf is not designed for the high handicapper. Like the Eagle Ranch Resort, Greywolf guests reside at the Panorama Mountain Village, located just down the road. With a number of different packages, guests can choose to play Greywolf exclusively, or a combination of the two courses.

Once again, Greywolf Golf Course is only open for 4-5 months each year.

2. Bear Mountain Golf Resort – Victoria


Imagine 36 holes of Jack Nicklaus design, overlooking the entire city of Victoria and the ocean surrounding. As of 2003, this incredible concept is finally available, located in BC’s capital.

Bear Mountain offers two unique courses – the Valley Course, and the Mountain Course. The Mountain Course is incredibly challenging, with up to 6,812yds snaking its way through thick forest and steep landscapes. The Valley Course is located on the lower side of the mountain, but does not offer the flat landscape you might imagine. With a range of 5,583-6,807yds, the Valley Course, as well as the Mountain Course, is best played by experienced golfers.

Given the population, Victoria has a plethora of golf courses. A statistic that means fierce competition for a golf course results in ideal tee-time availability and course speed for us players.

The accommodation for this resort is the Westin Hotel, located right above the entrance and practice facility and overlooking the course.

Unlike most of BC, Victoria allows golf year round (excluding a few weeks of frost and snow).

1. Predator Ridge Golf Resort – Vernon

predatorridgeI have played more BC golf courses than you could count. Predator Ridge is undoubtedly one of the most incredibly designed and enjoyable courses out there. Situated in Vernon, British Columbia, Predator Ridge presents two 18-hole courses – the Predator Course, and the Ridge Course (which just opened in 2010). The Predator Course has been the host of two World Skins Games, and was voted best BC Golf Resort by Readers Choice in 2011. The Predator Course is of significant length, ranging from 5,358-7,090yds. That said, it can be enjoyed by the high-handicapper as well.

The Ridge Course is the new addition to the resort. With breathtaking views weaving through the slopes overlooking Okanagan Lake, it has quickly become one of the best courses in BC. The Ridge course was selected as best new course of 2010 and best public course of 2011 by Score Golf. Ranging from 5,047-7,123yds, the Ridge Course is of similar length to the Predator Course, but has a lower rating. I’d like to recommend high-handicappers stick to the Ridge, but if this world-class resort is a stop on your vacation, it would be unfair to only experience one.

Predator Ridge offers a variety of options for accommodation. A suite in the lodge overlooking the course is about as perfect as it can get, though.